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About the Name "Old Secesh"

I was looking for a good name to use for this blog in my signoff.  Then I remember the name Northerners used to derisively refer to Confederates because they seceded.

They were secessionists, which was shortened to Seces/Secesh.  I remember once a fellow teacher came up to me and said that her family had found a Civil War letter written by a family member who referred to a group of people called Secesh.  I explained it to her.

Kind of a good name, especially in these trying times.

--Old Secesh


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Here's My Second Shot At This Blog

I attempted to start this blog a couple weeks ago on Blogspot, but somehow it disappeared.  Probably just my inability to do such things.

And I sure don't need another blog, this making my eighth one.  Sadly, my Saw the Elephant Civil War Blog is becoming mostly my listing of the horrible things being done to the good name of the Confederacy these days.  And, yes, I know there is the slavery thing, something I sure wish didn't happen as it did.

I would much rather be writing about things on the first Civil War.

Plus, I tend to get irate about the affronts to my heritage.  I'd rather put the desecrations here and now will, if this one takes.  I will do the real Civil War items in the other one.

--Old Secesh